Guestbook Demo
Guestbook Entries
Name Capra J'neva
Location Portland
Comments Great work, Sahra!

Name Andrew Dennis
Location UK
Comments Hi Sahra. Received the wonderful cd. Thanks! An going to send e-mail right now! Love Andrew

Name Sid Simon
Comments Sahra..
Much congrats on the marvilous C.D. What a way to end the year. This next year will definitely bring new heights..keep flying.....

Name Carrie Winslow
Location california
Comments Saw you perform the other evening and was really impressed. Bought your CD. It's as good as the performance. Thank you!

Name Scott Curtis
Location Walnut Creek, CA.
Comments Outstanding!
Inspiring lyrics, wonderful arrangements and great performance.
I'm very proud of you my friend.

Name Jade Kamden
Comments Told you I'd be in touch regarding CD. Really like it a lot, especially Walls of Jericho and Tears For the Living. Beautiful voice and production. Please make sure I'm on mailing list. Love to see you perform some day.

Name Frank Clare
Location San Francisco
Comments Sahra, I love your music. It's sensuous, real, unique, disturbing, and strangely comforting.

Name Evin Ollinger
Location California
Comments If the Beatles were female, they would be Sahra - prodigious songwritiers with great studio production that creates an album-long journey and memorable sound to each song.

Name John Francis
Location Point Reyes, CA
Comments Complacent souls put on your listening ears... Sahra will wake you!

Name J. Heaven
Location Berkeley, CA
Comments Sahra has a triumph for a first CD... quirky, penetrating, and intelligent...truly a pleasant surprise for even the most jaded listener.

Name Judith Coleman
Location California
Comments Was given your CD for a Christmas gift... have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you!

Name Fred Martin
Comments Sahra's voice can nurture the soul one moment and bite it the next. Sweet, sultry, sardonic, she sings with the intention of being heard.

Name Mary Coleman
Location Oregon
Comments Was given your CD as a gift. Really enjoy it. Please let me know when more music is released. Put me on your mailing list. Thank you.

Name J Hobson
Location California
Comments Sahra's music gets into your blood. Her words express the feelings in your own heart and her melodies stay with you long after the song is over.

Name Martha Bauman
Location Berkeley, CA
Comments Sahra, your music carries me along like the spirit carries the soul. Lovely!

Name Ed Popejoy
Location Browns Valley CA
Comments Sahra, have been listenig all day to the cd. This one goes to the darkroom with me, while printing pix of Charis. What a fine session it will be. Maybe one day we can carry on the conversation, it was delightful meeting and talking with you on Charis's day. ed.. PS: The above, loosly translated means, to me, your music is all perfect tens...

Name Iyla Ollinger
Location California
Comments Your music is my medicine. You are an insparition, love you always. -iyla

Name Guywn Etter
Location Monterey, CA.
Comments Sahra’s self stylized music is an obvious reflection of a of an angel in black, the contemporary ambiance in her self titled debut album Sahra steps just far enough out of the box to bring out the old soul of in any body that would be willing to embark on the own enter spiritual adventure………Sahra, thank you for the experience.

Name John Tallon
Location Monterey, CA
Comments Hi Sahra, I just checked out the site, on a tip from Rama P. Jama. He said I should look you up and invite you to be my guest on my weekly radio show on KNRY am 1240 on Cannery Row. How about it?

Name ted almau
Comments i was just listening to the medly..truly an amazing collection. keep up the good work!

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Location Christian Webster
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Location Willard Callahan
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Name Migdalia Jenkins Kenny Greene
Location Marcellus Ewing
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Name Kirt Green Harrison Reeves
Location Lenny Huber
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